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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sensitive Diapers for Sensitive New Skin

I remember, the day both the girls were born, the first thing to hit their cute little bottoms was diapers. The diapers that were first worn by the both of them were Pampers Swaddlers. Not only was it the diapers the hospital provided, but it was the first pack of diapers I had bought for the girls as well. Time has moved on and we’ve moved up to one with no diapers anymore, and one now in pull-ups but I’ll always remember the little bottoms that used to fill the tiny little Swaddlers.

It’s great to see that the Swaddlers line of diapers is still around for all the newborns that come into this world, but one thing that parents are lucky to have now that we didn’t is the Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive diapers. I know once we left the hospital and started on our own journey with diapers, especially with Aria, we had to go from brand to brand, there were no ‘sensitive’ diapers for her, and she has very sensitive skin.

Pampers Swaddler Sensitive are the diapers that have been used by some hospitals for a while now, and now they’re finally being introduced to the public. These cute little great smelling (yes, ok, I’m weird the diapers have a great smell to them, obviously not when they’ve been used though) diapers also have a smart color-changing strip on the outside called a “Wetness Indicator”. It turns from yellow to blue once the baby is wet, what a great idea, especially for new mom’s.

The Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive diapers were designed and developed for the first five month’s a baby’s life and made to ‘swaddle’ your baby by also helping to protect their delicate, sensitive skin. The diapers have a touch of aloe in them for softness and also have an Air Dry breathability in the diapers to make sure your new baby’s sensitive skin is cared for. The Absorb-Away Liner helps protect a baby’s skin from wetness, it also has the great Umbilical cord Notch in the newborn size which believe me is a great added feature, probably one of my favorite features among the old Pampers Swaddlers, it ensures that the diaper is kept away from the Umbilical Cord so that it can heal appropriately. The new Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers are said to be gentle and hypoallergenic, I really wish that I could try them to see how hypoallergenic they claim to be, like I said, Aria had horrible rashes and things due to diapers when she wore them, so these would have been great for her poor little tushy.

You can find the Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive diapers in sizes newborn, 1 and 2 and visit the Pampers website to find out more.

1 comment:

Petula said...

Pampers are my favorite... especially the Swaddlers. When my oldest was born they didn't have that version nor did they have any with the umbiblical cord cut-out. All these new features are great!