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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Puzzle Play

My girls just ADORE puzzles, they will spend a ton of time trying to figure them out and play. Lately I’ve seen some great wooden puzzles from ImagiPLAY, including the Rainforest Puzzle.

The Rainforest puzzle was enjoyed as usual by both the girls who were intrigued by the pieces (18 of them) and how they were put together and how different it was from their regular flat puzzles. The Rainforest Puzzle is made for children ages 3 and up and is made from rubberwood (an earth friendly hardwood). Worried about Lead paint still on your toys? Don’t be. ImagiPLAY uses lead free paint on their puzzles so you don’t have to worry about any lead poisoning going on in your children. The puzzle doesn’t have to fit to one exact mold either, my girls found many fun ways to play with it and create a ‘puzzle of their own’ almost, it allows for a lot of creativity and imagination. This is great puzzle that will be played with for hours on end, and will last through the years with playful enjoyment by all. I can say, even I had fun with this helping the girls figure it out at first.

ImagiPLAY is a great company who strives to create high-quality educational toys that both give children the desire to explore as well as inspire their imaginations. Their motto is "Toys with Integrity" and I do believe that they really provide that with their products as well as making toys from eco-friendly sources. It's great when a company provides great toys with educational values as well as benefits the earth, what a lesson for your kids!

Visit to view more of their great line of puzzles and other toys for your children or for a great gift for someone else’s. With the holidays approaching, I think this would be the perfect thing for under the tree.

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