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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Political Debates

I love them, but people get so up in arms about things... No matter which candidate your gunning for, everyone has their own personal views on things. Just because you support one candidate doesn't mean that everything out of your mouth is because you are a supporter of that candidate. I for one have my own opinions on things, my own values, my own ideals and my own thoughts, just because I support Obama (yes you read that right, after doing my research I am now an Obama supporter) doesn't mean that I do not like Sarah Palin because I support Obama. I don't like the person she is, I don't like what she stands for. Heck if she was on Obama's side I wouldn't like her, she just doesn't relate to me or my family or my lifestyle, my thoughts on her have no bearing on my support for Obama.

I just wonder, during 'political' times, why is everyone categorized like that? Why are our own opinions and views made to be out that we only think that way because we support X person. There are some things I don't agree on with Obama, there are many more I don't agree with with McCain, but regardless on who I want to see as the USA's next president, I still have my own views on things, candidates don't chance my personal opinions. Besides, I'm not an American Citizen, so my views are honestly A LOT different than those born and raised here, I don't have an undivided love for this country like some people do, so what I say shouldn't be taken at a full capacity anyways, I can't even vote....

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