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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Limited trips..

With Rodney looking for a new job now, the times of him working on his own schedule seem to be a wishful thought. It’s sad, his other positions being of higher level management we had a lot of leeway with time off, looking for a new position one of my concerns is the lack of travelling we’ll get to do up to Canada now, but I guess that’s life, just not a life I’m used to. Maybe we’ll take this weekend to go up again, who knows. All I know is we’ll be back up there in October around Halloween time per request of the girls to go trick or treating with their “Aunty D” (my best friend). We’ll probably spend a little more than a week there. Hmm I wonder if we should get some travel medical insurance this time, last time we were up there for a longer period we had a little allergic reaction to something with Aria. That’s something to think about I guess.

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