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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm an abuser...

I sit here on this laptop daily, blogging, playing games, and doing other multiple things online. Some days I’m fine, surfing through the net at my leisure and other days, I’m cursing at both my modem and the computer. Why is it that I pay a premium amount, yet some days my internet is as slow, if not worse than dialup? Makes you think, why pay for something that’s supposed to be faster when most days it’s not?

I guess I should be fortunate though, most days the internet is rockin’. It’s mostly during the night when the issues arise. We’ve gone from so many different companies, we’ve even looked at HughesNet, you know satellite internet. I guess it’s just no matter who you use, even if it’s a satellite company like Hughes Net, you’re going to get various speeds, so I guess I should be happy with what I get. I mean, I use the internet so much, is it that hard to ask that I have some super-fast speeds? You’d think in this day and age we’d get around the lagging or slow problem that we all do experience from time to time. It’s just plain annoying though. Like last night, I was trying to play Monopoly on Pogo (ok who else is a pogo addict???) and all of a sudden it lagged like nothing else. Every night it seems to happen. I guess the more people on the network, the slower it works.

GET WITH IT PEOPLE! We’re an internet society; we need fast speeds to get on with our daily lives online!!! I’ve never tried a satellite technology for internet; maybe trying it would be an eye opening experience? Dialup, cable, dsl have all been tried…hmmm maybe I should get Hughes Net; it couldn’t hurt to try right? Maybe it could be the answer, maybe my poor computer would appreciate it a bit more and not hear the cursing I do at it each nice. My poor abused computer, but how I love thee, I wouldn’t be able to get through the day without it. I guess I should start taking out the frustration on the poor little black box that sits beneath my television on top of my router, that’s the problem, it’s not my poor computer, I’ve been abusing the wrong piece of electronics. I guess maybe my next blog will be an open letter of apology to my poor computer. I’ll start it with….I’m sorry computer…

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