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Monday, September 22, 2008

I have a goal...

And I'm going to implement it right after Lyric's birthday is finished. There's no way I can implement it before hand, I'm too busy and my thoughts are just not in it. My goal, is to loose all my icky weight...I really need to do it for good this time. I guess once Rodney has whatever job in his pocket it will make it easier as well, back to buying the healthy foods, and who knows, maybe for once being able to get a gym membership. All I know, is I hate the way I currently am, and really want to be able to go shopping for some swimsuits by next summer. I'll get to my goal, I swear it, if it takes everything I have, It will be done... It's now or never.

1 comment:

Angie said...

Hi Gina,
Great goal and once you're ready, you'll know. And when you are ready, let me know if I can do anything. I usually post here with my personal blog but my main blog is my weight loss and fitness blog at

The swimsuit website had some cute things but none of those bathing suits would work for me. However I love flip flops and beach bags LOL

Living a healthy lifestyle feels great. I have lost a lot of weight and still have over 50 + pounds to go. It definitely doesn't happen overnight.

Best wishes to ya!

PS. And it doesn't have to cost more to eat healthy. It's actually cheaper unless you buy from all the specialty stores like I have been doing LOL