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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Extreme Home Makeover Hits Toledo Ohio!!

We've got some big excitement around here lately, not only after how many years of being TORTURED with Sonic commercials did we get our very first Sonic restaurant, but Extreme Home Makeover is here in Toledo this week!!

Talk about excitement all around. We were going to take the girls and go view the demolition yesterday but we got too busy. Now I sit and wait and think of when the heck I'm going to get down to that build site. Not really for the house, but I WANNA MEET TY!!!! OK yea, I'm one of those crazy women who just LOVE Ty Pennington, and what I wouldn't do to catch a glimps of him. Me and my great friend Leslie (from Leslie's Life) are hoping to get together sometime this week and take a girls trip down there so we can act like we're crazy giddy teenagers again trying to meet Ty.

They are building a house for a very deserving family, a Toledo firefighter Aaron Frisch, wife Jackie and their eleven children have all been living in a 4 bedroom ranch home (some of the children are adopted from Hati, as well as from Toledo), I can't even imagine, so they are very deserving of the home.

It will be a trip to view them building it, it's amazing how far its come already, I just can't wait to get down there myself, to see both the houes AND TY!!!! Rest assure, that if we do get to go, and I encounter that CUTE CUTE MAN that i'll be posting the many pics that I hope to get!


kristleharrison said...

Oh you must be kidding!? Ya'll didn't have a Sonic before now? That's crazy!! LOL

Hope you guys get to meet that cutie-patootie!! :D

Dominick said...

I grew up in Toledo (Walbridge technically, but was born in St. V's). Glad to see Home Makeover is helping some people in my hometown! Just waiting for our sonic up here in Michigan. It'll be here this October! They've been torturing us with ads, too!