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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The days of our lives...

Well, I've kind of kept quiet about what's been going on here lately.

First, Rodney was offered a job as a Sales Rep with Alltel. The pay sucks, but with commissions it's livable, and we all know Rodney's very good at doing what he does, which is selling cell phones. So he took the offer, but the background check place is being a pain in the you know what... and saying they need verifiable employment and the w2's aren't good enough (umm, it's not his fault that the last 2 companies he worked for 1 was bought out after he left, and his most recent closed), so we've had to go back over 6 years to find an employer for them to call up. Good luck on that...So we're still waiting on that.

Remember when this all first started, Rodney had that awesome job come along that we were hoping for, the one that was a base of 50K/yr and with commissions they said a conservative amount that a regional makes is 6 figures... yea, well we're still waiting...That is the Comdata job, and THAT is the interview he had this morning at 8am face to face finally (up until now it's been 3 phone interviews). Rodney said it went really well, and he feels confident. Said that the guy talked as if Rodney was already working for the company and it was more like a conversation rather than an interview. What do we do now? Well, he wants Rodney to write up a letter and email it to him, basically telling him why he would be the best person for the job. So we'll do that today. Then he said in about a week or so he'll get a call about coming to Nashville to do a drug screen and some other stuff (I'm assuming that's if he gets chosen lol), but the fact that he said the more positive instead of the negative is a good sign!

This afternoon, Rodney has a second interview with Sprint for an Assistant Manager Position, meh, not the best, but he knows Sprint inside and out and the pay is better than Alltel...

So here's hoping this Comdata business comes through, It really sounds promising after I heard about the interview, but I don't want to get my hopes up because I'm banking on this job, we could REALLY REALLY REALLY use it, it would change everything!! It's also great because although there is travel during the week, sometimes overnight, his office...HOME BASED!!

So that's whats going on... If anyone has any tips about that letter I have to help him write up it would be appreciated!



Ana said...

Best of luck to the hubby. I know how frustrating the wait can be.

Lisa C said...

Sounds like things are moving along, slowly, but still moving along.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys on the Comdata, sounds like that's the one you want to get. But if it's not that one, you're gonna end up with the one that's right for you guys in the long run.
Looking forward to the next update.