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Monday, September 22, 2008

Be Enthusiastic with your Dress Up Clothes...

Dressing up is one of the fun things little girls love to do, and mine are no different. On the daily it seems they find someone new that they can dress up to be, and especially around this time of year, they think of it more and more with Halloween on the way.

Finding good quality dress up clothes that aren’t going to fall apart two days later isn’t an easy task. A lot of my girl’s dress up clothes are raggedy and missing pieces, not new looking at all. I mean they get played in, they need to be a little tougher than some of the dress up clothes that we have. Well a place called Cordelia’s Corner agrees with me on this. Rebecca Blake was tired of the same thing, tired of buying dress up clothes that would ultimately fall apart shortly after they were purchased, so she decided to make her own.

Not only are the dress up clothes from Cordelia’s Corner durable, they’re also washable too, and have yet (at least in our home) to disappoint. Both my girls play with their outfit constantly, and have worn it inside the house and out, and I can say this is one of the more cuter pieces we own, but also one of the most durable. Not a thread out of place so far. And their imagination goes so far with one simple outfit. The beautiful Pink Filled Skirt that we got was so pretty, made with 100% polyester organza, and filled with so many beautiful white artificial flowers and green leaves, this was a dress up skirt no girl could turn down, paired with a pink leotard, Lyric was a beautiful dancing ballerina in an instant!.

Cordelia’s Corner has great dress up clothes made for almost anyone; some of their costumes are so great that they can be worn as a flower girl or pageant dress! How unbelievable is that, and again they are all washable, some hand, some machine and a few that are dry clean only, but they’re not going to fall apart once they are washed, no matter which way they’re done.

All of their products are made with enthusiastic play in mind, and as you can see from the pictures that I’ve got, my daughter was very enthusiastic when she first slipped on her dress up clothes.

Visit Cordelia’s Corner and take a look at their products, be it for dress up play time, a tea party, or even a Halloween costume that your daughter would love to own, these great dress up clothes won’t disappoint. For more information visit:

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Adeline said...

I am so excited because Halloween is just around the corner and right now I started shopping for Halloween costumes.