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Friday, August 22, 2008

Things seem to be moving...

Things seem to be moving, maybe it's not as fast as we'd like or as much money as we'd like, but Rodney's job search is progressing.

He's now done a 3rd interview with a company today, this is the company we are crossing our fingers for. He also just got a job offer today from another company, now it's not nearly as much money as he was making before, but who's to say he still can't look if he accepts the offer. He also has a 2nd follow-up interview on Wednesday with another company and this company makes more money than the one who just gave him a job offer, but still less than what he was making.

So, he's making progress, at least we'll have some money coming in one way or another soon. We just keep hoping and praying that the first job, the one he just did the 3rd interview for comes through, that job would be a dream come true. Great pay, great benefits, at home office and only traveling overnight 2-3 days a week (which is great compared to his old job), the one common thing with all these new job prospects that is great. They're all Monday to Friday 9-5 jobs essentially. Rodney's last job was basically a 7am - 1am job 7 days a week. It was horrible.

So along with the new job search, comes a new look. My husband is a hottie!!! Rodney has had the same pair of glasses for exactly 6 years now, I remember he bought them just before we got married (and our anniversary is on Sunday the 24th). He also had LOTS of hair. He's grown his hair out for a while now, for work he'd usually slick it back into a pony tail, but for the pic, he combed it all out. He's also always had a beard as well, I mean he never had to look compleatly professional, his last job he ran a district and all the stores in his district were in truck stops, so you can imagine... He's cleaned himself up, has a new hair cut, new glasses, and he's lookin mighty fine and very professional now.
What do you think of the 'transformation'?????

I'm off for the weekend guys, we're thinking about just taking off to Canada to go visit my folks, but we're not 100% on that yet, it's the weekend, no one will call with job prospects but our luck for one reason or another someone will, so we might just stick around here.

Have a great one!


jezebelsk said...

A+++ on the new look!

Ana said...

Good luck to dh on getting the dream job! The new look does him right! :) Look at you all proud of your man...YOU GO GIRL!

Ana said...
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Amber @ RuffleButts said...

Wow, he looks like he just walked off one of those awesome make-over shows!! You should be very proud of your hubby =)