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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Mom Hugs Trees

Sometimes as mom’s we tend to do some weird things, well according to our kids anyways. I mean really, we might think we’re ‘cool’, but in reality, we’re just doing one thing or another that embarrasses our children. Thankfully mine haven’t hit the stage yet, where I’m an embarrassment to them.

One book that show’s some of the weird things mom’s can do is called My Mom Hugs Trees, written by Robyn Ringgold and illustrated by Vidya Vasudevan. This story book is about a mother who not only hugs trees, but she also talks to plants, rescues bugs, plants seeds from already eaten fruit and ask the flowers permission to pick them. Yup, it’s a ‘tree hugger’ mom! This book is so cute, and it’s a rhyming book as well. My girls just adore it, and although I’m not a ‘tree hugging mom’ myself, it’s a great book to engage the children in a better way to treat the earth and enjoy life.

My Mom Hugs Trees is published by Solar Publishing who themselves promote cultural awareness, planetary responsibility and holistic living. They combine energy and passion, creativity and genuine interest in enhancing life on this planet. While educating and uplifting our youth so that they may live responsibly and be equipped to make conscious choices as they grow up, Solar Publishing also focuses to nourish their minds and help them feel connected to the nature and diverse peoples in hopes that they understand themselves and their role on the planet.

Solar Publishing also prints their books on wood-free recycled paper through their partnership with Trees For The Future, for every book that is sold, a tree is planted in its place.
I highly recommend the book My Mom Hugs Trees; it’s a fun and interesting book with some great illustrations. At least you can say you’re not the only weird mom once your kids read this!

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._. said...

this is a really cute book.. I'll have to check it out