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Friday, August 22, 2008

Family Review Network

I wanted to introduce you guys to a great group that I'm currently a part of.
Family Review Network. This network spawned from a group that Kailani from An Island Life started on Mom's Blogger Club called Mommy Reviewers. It became such a hit she decided to turn it into the Family Review Network.

The Family Review Network is a group of parents (not just mom's) who love trying out new things and sharing our thoughts and opinions with the rest of the bloggers in the blogosphere. Everything posted on the Family Review Network has been personally reviewed by it's members and/or families in order to provide you with an honest assessment which can help you make your buying decisions easier.

Stop by and check it out and see what some of us have had to say about some products and companies thus far. Also, if your looking to have your product reviewed click on to the site and see the "request a review" for more information.

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