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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Eco-Friendly Office Supplies

Today it seems that we’re all looking for the best products that are also eco-friendly, from paper to household cleaners. One thing I never thought of being eco-friendly would be office supplies, but apparently there is such a thing and is the place to find some of the more eco-friendly/green companies when it comes to office products. Companies such as Hewlett Packard, Cannon, and Apple are just a few of the eco-friendly company named products that they carry. is an online office supply store that carries most things you’d be looking for like ink, computers, printers and more. The company was founded in 1997 by Russell Schneider. His goal for the company is to provide five star services and to outperform the expectations of his customers.

With 16 warehouses throughout the United States of America, you’re bound to pay pennies for shipping and get the best and quickest customer service possible. Most items can be delivered in 1-2 business days and anything over $299 right now receives free shipping, so don’t waste any time if there’s a high end office supply that you need in the near future.

It’s really great to see an online company that provides eco-friendly affordable office supplies and equipment, the variety and amount of products they carry is unbelievable. You’re bound to find anything you’ve ever been looking for at

Their most eco-friendly companies carry some of the most popular products. Items such as Fuji Digital Cameras, IBM Desktops, and Apple Laptops are among the top and most popular items that they sell. Their Desktop prices are also great, and when you factor in the free shipping, it’s almost a steal! They carry any name possible and you’re bound to get the price you’ve been looking for as well. We’re in the market for a new computer and this place is now on the top of my list when looking online for computers and other office items we’d need. You can also find re-furbished items as well such as printers, this is one of the ways that stays eco-friendly and green, why waste a product that’s working perfectly fine when someone else is bound to pick it up at a great low price. This company is very concerned about the environment and the world that we live in today, so they strive to provide their customers with the most eco-friendly/green products as they can. is the one stop shop for all the home and business office needs that you have, with the best selection of eco-friendly name brand products. Check them out at and you won’t be disappointed.

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