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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Daily Freebies....

Check out the daily freebies for today Sunday Aug. 17, 2008. Some of you have asked, do I myself sign up for all these freebies that I post??

OF COURSE!!! My mail person must hate me, my neighbors when they were collecting my mail while we were on vacation, couldn't believe the amount of 'freebies' that I get. They think its funny. But yes, I always check them out to make sure they are valid, and to get some freebies for myself.

A few notes about freebies. Whenever you see a google ad within the webpage, normally your never going to get that freebie, it's just a way to collect "Spam" information. I also keep myself a email address that I use JUST for signing up for freebies, that way if by chance I happen to sign up for something and it's spam, it doesn't bother my regular email account.

~ Scott Free Sample of Xtreme Rags

~ Pampers Free Potty Training Kit (US & Canada)

~ Walmart Free "We lost it" Book

~ RewardsGold Free Subscription to Sound & Vision

~ Unionwear Free Bumper Sticker

~ Tampax Free Sample of Tampax Pearl with Leak Guard

~ Right@home Free Ziploc Gift Pack for the first 10,000

~ Walmart Free Sample of Benefiber Sticks

~ Wendy's Win a Twisted Frosty instantly (09/30)

~ Free Phone Holder (US, Canada & UK)

~ Petsmart Win a $250 Gift Card (12/07)

~ Naturally Savvy Free Samples and Coupons

~ HomePride Free Cleaning Product Samples (UK)

~ 3M Free Sample of Super Sticky Recycled Post-It Notes

~ ValueMags Free Subscription to Field & Stream

~ Pita Break Free Coupons (Canada)

~ Planet Heros Free "Ace that jumped over the Moon" DVD

~ Free 2012 Carbon Challenge Wristband (UK)

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