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Monday, August 4, 2008

Cap Trappers Winners

Thanks to all who entered this giveaway, I find Cap Trappers to be a great idea for mom's teachers and business people alike. I'm sure we're all in the same boat where sometimes, we just loose the caps to our markers, pens and anything else. With Cap Trappers it saves us from those dried out markers and keeps us organized. I truly hope if you were not chosen as a winner that you check out Cap Trappers and include them in your office or back to school shopping. Winner's have been chosen for a set of Cap Trappers, we have five winners.....

Commenter #36:
maja said...

Commenter #74:
erma said...
This would be perfect for the new school year.

Commenter #61:
booke said...
I'd love it in black. We need it because between 3 kids, these marker tops are always missing.

Commenter #46:
jenny said...
wow how cool and well i be happy to have any color if i won this thanks

Commenter #40:
suzi g said...
I like the pink and blue set. My daughter is always losing caps to her color wonder markers! Then by the time I find them they are dried out! I've gotten so tired of replacing them that as soon as I find a capless marker I put Glad Press and Seal around it until I can find the cap. I also SAVE caps from trashed markers if I find them later on!

Congrats to all the winners, I'll be contacting you soon via email to get your contact information to send to the sponsor. Don't forget to check out the other giveaways going on right now on my top left sidebar.