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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baby Einstein's 10 Years of Discovery!

Baby Einstein is celebrating ten years of discovery! Recently Mom Central had the privilege of attending the celebration last week which was hosted by the companies founder Julie Clark as well as celeb Jennifer Garner!

Now I never used the Baby Einstein videos with my girls, it just wasn't my thing. But I know many many mother's friends, and family who swear by the videos and who's kids enjoy them so much I thought maybe a few of you would be interested in seeing some of the video's that were shot at the celebration.

Video 1: Puppet Show
This video is something you can enjoy with your own children. It's a live puppet show that's sure to bring some giggles.

Video 2: Julie Clark Speech
This video capture Julie Clark's speech remembering the beginning of Baby Einstein and the company's astonishing growth over ten years.

Video 3: Jennifer Garner Speech

This video features Jennifer Garner speaking about the job she experienced as a parent enjoying Baby Einstein products.

Hope you enjoy the videos. Are you a fan of Baby Einstein? How much do you and your kids enjoy them, feel free to share.


Rebekah (the_littleminx) said...

When my oldest daughter (turns 5 tomorrow) was an itty bitty baby a friend turned us on to Baby Einstein. We tried one sample video, and were hooked immeadiately. We never bought all of the videos, but have 10-12 I think. My daughter LOVED them and still enjoys them occassionally to this day.

My 2 year old really likes them too, but she prefers Brainy Baby.

littleminx at cox dot net

jenny said...

my little one use to see them every day on comcaset tv on deman and she realy in joyed them a lot

Sheliza said...

Hello, this is my first time visiting via Mommydaddyblog. It is funny that I just read your post and right this minute my 5 month old is watching a Baby Einstein dvd! I was lucky enough to inherit the 15 dvd collection from my cousin that inherited it from her cousin! We love it and my baby boy seems very taken by the music and colors. I hope you have an awesome day!