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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Legal Bud?

Maybe this isn't such a great topic for my blog, but what the heck. This place struck my interest. Legal Bud? Could it be true? Where was this place when I was in high school?

Not that I condone doing drugs, or even smoking, but as a young person, of course I have tried both of the later. However having some legal bud? That may have changed things for me when I was in high school, at least it would have been a heck of a lot easier to get some. Being a Mom of 2 now, this isn't exactly a product for me, but who am I to judge who uses it or not?!

Maybe this is a better alternative to marijuna or tabacco products? I'm not sure. You can check out International Oddities and you will find many 'varieties' of 'legal bud'. Apparently this is a widely known and popular website. I really have no idea about the product as I don't smoke or even intend to anymore. However if it's something your into, it may be a place to check out sometime. A lot of places online claim to sell 'legal bud' as well, but International Oddities claims that their product is superior to their competitors products.

If your interested check out International Oddities. Just remember they will not sell or allow their products to be used by anyone below 18 years old.

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