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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Include some green in your teeth...

In an effort to be a little more green/eco-conscious I've began to notice and try to purchase more environmentally friendly products for my household and family. On an effort to not only try to go more 'green' but also to live a healthier lifestyle we need to realize being healthy not only involves ourselves as human beings, but means taking care of the planet we live on as well, because lets face it, without all this wonderful earth, the food it provides and the clean air that we could be breathing we'd have nothing, and our health deteriorates just as much as our planet does.

One product that calls to both our earth's health and our own is the Preserve toothbrush, and thanks to Mom Central I was able to discover and try out this great new product myself.

Some great points about the toothbrush itself is that there are no dye's on the bristles. You know how a lot of 'store' bought toothbrushes carry brushes in which once the dye fads on the bristles it indicates it's time for a new brush, but where does that dye go? Into your mouth that's where, and are we assured that this is the healthiest and safest thing for us? Who knows. Although Preserve Toothbrushes are available for adults, they do have a Preserve Jr. line as well for kids, some of these do in fact have the dye's on the bristles, but you can also find the all white non dye bristled brushes as well.

Preserve toothbrushes are a great way to be on your 'green' way as they are made from recycled BPA and phthalate-free plastic which includes recycled yogurt lids. Recycline's website states:
Since 2001, Preserve and Stonyfield Farm have partnered to keep (literally) tons of plastic out of landfills. We collect cups and scrap plastic from Stonyfield’s manufacturing facility in nearby New Hampshire, as well as the used cups that people who have enjoyed Stonyfield Farm yogurt return to them. Then we turn these cups into Preserve Toothbrushes, Tongue Cleaners and Razors.
Not only are the Preserve toothbrushes made from recycled material, but the brushes themselves are also able to be recycled. On the Recycline website you can find a postage-paid label that you can affix to a package and send out your used toothbrush to be recycled.Preserve toothbrushes can be found nationwide at Target stores for only $2.04 you can also find printable coupons here that will give you $1.00 off 2 Preserve/Preserve Jr. toothbrushes.

I'm thankful for Mom Central for introducing me to Preserve-Recycline products as they not only carry the Preserve toothbrush but so many more everyday products that are made with recycled materials, but once they're used up, can be recycled themselves.

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Lisa C said...

I love these toothbrushes!!! They are so soft.