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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Euro-Pro Shark Steam Mop

I'm sure you've all seen the infomercials and commercials late at night about the Shark Steam Mop. I'm sure you've all wondered is it as great as they make it look? Does it really work?

Well I recently got the chance to try it out. I had all the same questions, does it really work as well as they say it does? Thanks to Euro-Pro, they enabled me to find out the answer to that question.

I have pretty old wood flooring as well as stick tiles and vinyl flooring in my home, so this was a product that just looked amazing to own, no more mopping, who could ask for anything more.

I first tried out the Shark Steam Mop on my wood flooring, the product was very light weight, easy to put together and easy to mop with. It glided easily and with the pump action the handle has the steam comes out perfectly right onto the floor in front of you while your mopping. Now, according to the website/infomercial, it should get out all the stubborn dirt, tough grime, get rid of scuff marks, sticky messes, and mud prints. Another claim I've seen is that it will 'rejuvenate' dull hard wood flooring. PERFECT!!!

Away I went with my new Shark Steam Mop, and I can say, that it did work pretty good on my hard wood, it got a lot of the dirt off, however I can't say that it rejuvenated any of the wood, it still looks pretty much the same to me. It also didn't get rid of any of the scuff marks left on my wood floors. But by the pad alone, it did get a lot of the dirt off and did clean up any sticky messes the girls had left under our dining room table.

I next tried the Shark Steam Mop on my linoleum floors in my kitchen. I just HATE these floors and nothing I mean NOTHING gets them as clean as I want them. I was VERY happy with the results that the Shark Steam Mop had on my kitchen floor. It worked much better than a mop, got it all nice and clean, however drying instantly it did not. We had a little accident with Aria slipping and falling on the floor a minute or so after one area was mopped, so be careful with that. It did get all the dirt, grim, sticky messes and scuff marks off the floor.

There's also an attachment to be able to refresh carpeting with it as well, I haven't yet used that option as we just put in an area rug not long ago, but I can't wait to give it a try very soon. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the Shark Steam Mop. I feel tho, if you have older hardwood flooring, this probably isn't the best product to use for it, I'd stick with a mop for me it seemed to work much better. But for laminate, tile, or linoleum, this works just great. The other great feature is that it uses no chemicals, just water, so that's another plus is my book, also the pads are washable, just simply throw them into your washing machine and they're ready to be reused over and over again.

In my opinion, this isn't going to replace my mop for me entirely since I have a lot of hard wood, but for the other rooms in my house without it, it's a perfect replacement for the mop and bucket.

You can visit the Shark Steam Mop website at the following address to learn more about it, view a short video, read testimonials or order one for yourself.


Becky (aka Beckyhed) :) said...

Thanks Gina!! I will be getting one for sure now!

Summer Pendry said...

Thanks Gina Now I want one for my house