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Monday, July 21, 2008

Colorful Products for a Changing World

While browsing online one night I ran across such an interesting item and interesting website. I tend to get a lot of sinus headaches because of allergies, as does my husband, so when I saw this I immediately wanted to try it out.

From a site called Planet Butterfly USA they have something they call Butterfly Hugs. Butterfly Hugs give you a nice warm, healing sensation. It's a face mask that provides deep, penetrating sinus and headache relief by using pressure and aromatherapy. The Butterfly Hug contains a special blend of herbs which work as a decongestant while the mask covers all four sinus areas without covering your eyes. You can continue on with your daily life, as well as keep an eye on the kiddos if your a mom like me while getting relief from those sinus'.

We love the Butterfly Hug, my husband has even used it (although with the name and the color of the mask he did say he felt a little silly), but he's amazed at how great it actually does work, and I agree. You can head up the mask just a few seconds in the microwave which helps to open up your sinus passages, the mask is 100% cotton and has an adjustable strap.

The Butterfly Hug comes in a great organza bag which matches the color of the mask so you have a place to keep your mask stored safely, or something that looks great if your giving it as a gift to someone.

Butterfly USA also carries a great (and cute) reusable bag. The Polar Bear bag is made out of 100% cotton and is very large compared to a lot of other reusable cloth bags that I have. The Polar Bear bag was designed to be the same size as a grocery store paper bag (I think it may even be a bit bigger). The bag is both sturdy and durable and can also fold up to the size of a paper back book so it can be easily stored in a purse or in your car. When you purchase a Polar Bear Bag from Butterfly USA ($9.99) a portion of the profits from the sale are donated to various wildlife and conservation funds.

Visit to find out more about these products, or to purchase one for yourself

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