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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Car Rentals

Our vacation is quickly approaching. One thing we've had to look at and think about is doing a car rental. Prices can be crazy at times, you have to take a look at so many different things when renting a car. Does it have unlimited mileage? Is it gas efficient? Do you really need all that insurance?

Thankfully my in-laws decided to go ahead and buy themselves a new mini-van, so looking for a car rental isn't something we'll have to look into anymore. Along our journey's tho, some great deals are to be had when looking to rent a car this summer for your own summertime road trips.

Take for instance specials of up to to a 50% discount on Luxury and Convertible car rentals. That's a pretty good deal going on for those type of cars! With gas prices the way they are now, if you ever need to rent a car, the better the deals you find, the more money you get to keep, or well maybe just add to the gas tank!

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