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Thursday, July 31, 2008

3x Thursday...

1. Environmental: What do you think of the environment, people trying to 'save' it, etc?

I think its a great thing, we need to save our earth so our future generations can enjoy it just as much as we have.

2. Political: Even if you don't pay attention to politics, what's important to you regarding how this country continues to evolve (or devolve)?

Right now, this country is devolving, I'd love to see it evolve if we are going to continue to live here. We need to have some sort of universal health care where we can all have a right to medical care, even if we don't make enough, or make too much. Most people (myself included) make too much to be on assistance but too little to afford paying the high premiums of insurance, therefore we're "SOL" and what are we to do? There needs to be some sort of line drawn, people just can't keep getting poorer in both health and finances, then where will the country go?

3. Personal: Are you happy? Why/why not?

Personally, sure, I guess I'm happy. Could I be happier, of course, but where I'm at today, I'm pretty happy and content.

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