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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Suzi Homemaker I am not...

That's right, I am not miss Suzi Homemaker. I'm really bad at doing 'crafty' things, cooking all that stuff, so it's really nice when I can find someone such as Suzi Homemaker who can do some great things that I couldn't do myself.

I love finding anything that I can put my children's names on, like I've said before, their names are pretty unique and not names you can just walk into a store and find something randomly with their names on it. Suzi Homemaker can fix that for me.

Suzi Homemaker is a "Mom-owned" embroidery and sewing business who specializes in personalized and custom children and baby products, she also does things for linens, school uniforms and logo wear for work, family reunions and much much more.

When I first stumbled upon this site I thought it would be perfect for the girls, not only could we customize the color of the item we wanted via the various choices, but we could also pick out our font and if there was a graphic we wished as well. Suzi Homemaker makes the process so easy and fun to do with your kids, they get their very own piece made just for them, and if they don't have what your looking for, simply let Suzi Homemaker know and she'll work the best she can with you on getting what you want.

My girls got to choose which item's they wanted along with the colors, font and graphics as well. Lyric picked out a Lunch Box in Hot Pink Zebra along with the Curlz font. It turned out beautiful she just loves it and can't wait till she gets to take it to school (which is still a ways away) so we decided this will be the perfect companion for vacation this summer so that she can keep her juice boxes and snacks handy in the car. The Lunch Box is soft-sided and suitable for all ages and well insulated as well.

Aria chose her very own item as well and picked the Small Duffel of course in Hot Pink Daisy along with the Curlz font and she also picked a graphic of a Fairy, who was personalized for Aria in which we could choose her hair color. Aria just loves her duffel bag, perfect for overnight trips or weekend trips that we take. At home she uses it to carry around her dolls and toys with her, she just loves it.

Suzi Homemaker states for about a week or two delivery times, I experienced a much faster delivery wait, it seemed like they were here within a few days, I couldn't believe the speed of shipping. This will be one place I'll be going back to for birthday and Christmas gifts.

Visit to view more of their personalized products.

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Unknown said...

Love your blog Gina! You have given me some great ideas.:)