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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer is upon us....

And things tend to get a bit busy and hectic. Between various travels, vacations, and spending time with the girls, I've been and will continue to be busy this summer season. I just wanted to pop in here and say I may not be updating the blog as much as I have been in the past, doesn't mean I'm not going to be around or continue with it, sometimes we all just have other lives and need a break.

I have some new reviews and giveaways coming up, I look forward to posting them when I have a few minutes this week and next. So keep an eye out, subscribe so you can be informed on when they come out.

My latest project will be painting our guest room, we just got some paint, so that project starts today, re-doing, re-painting, pulling up carpet etc etc. Next week my parents will be coming down to spend some time down here with us, and then the week after that, I'm off to Atlanta for a week for a family reunion with my in-laws, and will be celebrating my 30th 25th birthday there as well. Hopefully I'll be back with something new to show you all as well ;)

So busy times ahead, I won't forget about the blog, you just won't see me around and posting too much....

Hope you all have a great 4th of July!!!!


Petula Wright said...

Enjoy your time off and have a very happy birthday! Hey, I don't live too far from Atlanta (a hop, skip & jump!)... 'bout 20 minutes south.

Have fun & get some rest. said...

Ohhhh, when's you birthday? I'll also be celebrating my (gulp) 30th here soon!

Have a great one!