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Saturday, June 28, 2008

See Me Read

Giving your children the gift of literacy is probably one of the best gifts and most important, that you can give to your child.

I have two children, ages 2 and 4 who just love books. Teaching them to read has been a struggle, especially my 4 year old, but because of her interest it has gotten my 2 year old involved in the early reading process as well. I've been on the lookout recently for some helpful programs and projects to do with my girls to get them introduced to reading at their age levels. There are a ton of books, computer software and flash cards that can be found, however one place has stood out among the rest.

See Me Read is an Early Childhood Literacy Program which introduces children to language and encourages early reading while making it fun and easy for a child to learn. Using personalized learning products See Me Read provides a familiar experience that any child will use and have fun with. Starting out with using personal photos of your children interacting with items which are familiar to them, See Me Read provides them with visual stimulation which will in turn provide them with the ability to recognize whole words. See Me Read provides personalized kits which include photos, labels, reading cards, books and writing pads so that your children will not only have fun, but keep the attention on the task at hand.

See me read provides your child with a successful journey towards reading in just three easy steps. First you can visit and choose the See Me Read kit that's right for your child, to complete a personalized kit take some pictures of your child with the words you have selected, your last step is to have fun with your child once the kit arrives and enjoy learning and introducing them to the wonderful world of reading.

My girls have enjoyed their kit since day one, and continue every day learning and recognizing new objects and words at their own level of literacy. The small difference it makes everyday has been for us, apparent when they try to help you read during a bedtime story. The ease of the program is great and it makes it fun so the kids want to continue to learn and thrive in their education of reading.

See Me Read is a very unique early childhood literacy program that brings a personalized perspective to each individual child, by using the whole-word method of reading instruction you are providing your child with repeated exposure to words that they are familiar with and that they encounter in their everyday life. I'm sure See Me Read will provide the beginning steps to a lifelong love of reading and learning not only to my children, but to your own as well.

Visit to find out more about this great and unique personalized reading program for your own kids, or as a gift for someone else's.

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