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Monday, June 16, 2008

My not so eventful weekend.....

And I guess start to my week as well. It's been so hot and humid around here lately, thankfully today it's a nice 72 degrees and the windows are open the A/C is off.
Our weekend started out pretty good, I had convinced my husband to play hookie for the weekend from work, so Saturday we hung out for the day, and then the bad weekend started. Our shower head decided to break in the middle of my husband taking a shower, broke right off the spout. We had to head out to buy a new one and decided to go out for dinner as well.

We find a shower head at target (nice and cheap but will do the job) and proceed to look around a bit more for some diapers etc that we need. My feet at this point are KILLING ME. Last week we had gone to the mall and I had found these really really cute pair of Baby Phat flip flops. They had a bit of a lift to them (which I need being so short) and felt really comfortable when I tried them on at the store. That is until I decide to walk on them. If you saw my feet right now you would be grossed out, I have gashes in my feet from the top part just rubbing into my foot, I hate these stupid shoes, but they sure are cute. I guess fashion = pain. While we were at target I decided to pick up a cheap pair of cute white flip flops because I just couldn't stand the pain anymore, what a relief, nice and cushy and comfortable. After that we head over to Applebee's for dinner.

For those that don't know, I do have a shellfish allergy, so I make it a point to let the waiter know before hand whenever we're at a restaurant that serves any shellfish. I had been looking forward to their Orange Chicken Asian bowl since I can't each Chinese food traditionally because of my allergy. The waiter informs me that the chicken is fried in the same oil as they fry up their shrimp in. There goes my dinner :(

I had to settle for something else and the quesadilla burger looked pretty good. You know when you're looking forward to something specific the secondary item just doesn't cut it, and neither did it this time.

Sunday we had decided to go to the Strawberry Festival with my friend Leslie and her family. We decided to cancel that because the weather was once again calling for thunderstorms. We never even got one around here, which made me mad. But it was a good thing we called off anyways as Aria started getting a fever and later that night complained about her ear hurting. We got her up on some tylenol, some hylands ear drops and a few luke warm bath's to get the fever down. It all seemed to work because this morning she's as fine as can be.

Sunday being Father's Day, Rodney spend the entire day in bed. NOT my plan for us, but it was 'his day' he said, and since we weren't going to the Strawberry Festival that's where he stayed after we gave him his Father's Day Cards made by the girls and breakfast in bed.

Today I feel like crap, that's probably the most honest word to say how I feel. I'm tired, my throat is sore and I just feel like I'm in a great big funk. Rodney is going away for a few days for work, and I really can't wait for our Vacation to start in another 22 days. Atlanta here I come!!


kristleharrison said...

Sorry you had a bad weekend! Hopefully this next one will be great!! :)

Ana said...

Ack! So sorry you are in a bit of a funk. It happens to the best of us. Thanks for get better - keep you chin up! You've got 2 beautiful girls and a wonderful hubby. Hope this weekend looks up for you. (((hugs)))

Katie said...

You know...I tried that Quesadilla burger once and it really wasn't nearly as good as I thought it would be. Sorry your weekend was a downer. *hugs*