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Monday, June 9, 2008

The Laundry Alternative

With summer approaching, the thought about countless summer trips is on my mind. One thing I always have to think about as any mother does is clothing. How in the world am I going to wash the girls clothes (and ours) while on vacation or camping? Sure I could wash them by hand, but that takes forever and rarely gets some of those 'kids stains' out of clothing. I could go to a laundry mat, but who really carries around quarters all the time? It just really is a concern for me especially with a 2 year old and a 4 year old who constantly get their clothing dirty.

I was introduced to The Laundry Alternative website and their portable washing machine. I thought what a great concept and idea. Their portable washing machine is called The Wonderwash, this machine can wash a 5lb load in just a matter of minutes. However you need to realize that this is a non-electric unit and it is hand cranked, so if you're looking for something where you just press a button, this isn't it, there is some work involved. The wash even being hand cranked is very easy and quick and does a much better job than simply hand washing.

Once I got my new Wonderwash, I opened it up and it was very simple to put together, even the girls got to help. I used my Wonderwash on a few of the girls clothing, you know they get that one outfit or piece of clothing dirty and its something that needs to be dealt with right away but you don't have a whole load of was ready to go? This was the perfect solution. Within a matter of minutes by following the directions for the right amount of water and detergent, some cranking of the hand crank, the clothes were done and I hung them to dry. Nice and clean, stains gone and they smelled great! One thing to note is that The Wonderwash does not have a 'spin cycle' so there is the alternative of hang drying or they also have a Spin Dryer available as well (future review).

The Wonderwash
is also environmentally friendly. It uses 90% less water and detergent than any conventional washing machine, and it requires no electricity. This is the perfect item for those going on some camping trips, for us mom's who may have just a few items that need to be frequently washed, or those within an apartment building or dorm room who cannot have a traditional washer.

Check out for more details and products.

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PinkShoelaces said...

OMG!! I need this thank you for the review!! I think this is something I would totally invest in.