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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kids Find The Funniest Places...

To sleep....Or at least they pick the silliest times just to fall asleep. Aria was having a snack of some cheese and crackers here with me on the couch. I look over a few moments later, and she's fast asleep with her crackers on her chest. Such a silly girl it really took her no longer than maybe 3 minutes from the time she started eating her crackers till the time she feel asleep.

I wish I could fall asleep at the drop of a hat like that!

Sweet Dreams baby girl!


Diana said...

Awwwe she is so sweet with her little cheese crackers! What a precious pic, Gina :D


Petula Wright said...

Oh, that's such a cute shot. ...I wish mine would fall asleep like that. Well, I have one who can drop off pretty quickly, but overall they all fight sleep big time!

Lisa C said...

Sometimes that's the best sleep, falling asleep wherever. She's so cute and looks so peaceful :-)