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Friday, June 20, 2008

Kids can clean too..

Mom's get so tired of always having to pick up after ourselves and everyone else in the house, let's face it, cleaning is just not something we like to do. I mean if we were in fact paid to be maids maybe it would be a little better, but we're not and usually cleaning around our homes is a thankless job.

Well with summertime here, a lot of mom's have those extra little hands around the house that could be put to some good use. Cleaning isn't fun, but there's some little ways we can make it fun so that the kids are not complaining about cleaning. With these great tips they won't even know they're cleaning at all.
  • Don’t expect kids to use adult tools to clean, instead create supplies that are kid-friendly. Use an ice-cream pail for mopping chores or shorten an old mop handle or broom to make it kid-sized.
  • Fill a squirt gun from a solution of a gallon of water and a drop of dish soap. Let kids squirt windows and mirrors and wipe dry with paper towels. Leaves glass clean and streak free!
  • Cover kids’ hands and arms with dad’s old athletic socks then squirt the socks until lightly damp with a safe solution of vinegar and water. Send them off to dust around the house.
  • Got a pile of blocks or action figures strewn on the floor? Scoop up toys in a few swoops using a kid-sized leaf rake to form a pile for easy pick-up.
  • Make cleaning a game; give young kids grill tongs and challenge them to pick up toys and put them in a toy box or bin only using the utensils. Keep score and see who wins!
  • Don’t forget the fun music to help your kids get a groove on as they boogie around the house cleaning.
So get those hands to work, have some fun, and get that house as clean as can be!!!
Tips provided by The Maids Home Services


Petula Wright said...

My younger children do an okay job of following directions and cleaning up after themselves when directed. The teenager is a real effective cleaner. I'll be glad when they're all old enough to clean well, then I can rest, right? Uh, right?!

Colleen said...

Love the idea of using a leaf rack. My son always has Legos and blocks strewn all over the living room floor. Those things drive me crazy! Ever step on one? Ouch! They're so small it takes forever for him to pick them up. This would make it go a lot faster.