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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Heads Or Tails...

This week's theme/prompt is:
HEADS - Royal

What can I say about this week's Heads or Tails?

When I think of Royal, I think of my oldest daughter. Her Royal Highness Lyric. My daughter thinks she's the princess of the world house. In reality she probably is, but it's so hard not to let her realize this is the truth. She prances around with her little attitude and princess ways, and you just can't help but give into her sometimes. More times than less I would love to NOT give into her, and I try my hardest, but sometimes with the royal attitude it's just too cute not to laugh and say yes to everything.

Who knows, maybe one day she will be that princess or queen that she strives to be.

1 comment:

~Amanda~ said...

oh Gina she is so cute dressed up in her princess outfit! and I know what you mean about not telling them they really are royalty LOL! Great Job! Mine is up check it out if you get a chance!