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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Great clothes for beautiful curvy women

As I've said many times, I'm always on the lookout for places that carry clothing, hip clothing, stylish clothing, in fashion clothing, to those of us who are extra curvy, those of us who are 'plus sized' and wish to still look good in what we wear.

Torrid is one of those places who care what we look like. They offer the cutest cutting-edge apparel and accessories for women who are sizes 12-26. I've been to the Torrid store in our local mall maybe once, for reasons that I don't typically visit the mall often, and the last time I was in the store I didn't find anything I liked, however since then Torrid has grown (yes it's been that long since I've been to the mall) and their clothing has evolved, I just love browsing their online store, which carries so many things that are more my style than some other 'plus sized' stores I've found, my only dilemma is that I've always been afraid to order clothes online, what if they don't fit? I'd rather try them on.

I was fortunate enough to have Torrid send me some items from their clothing line, and I can say. Their clothing is true to size. I let them know my current size and the clothes all fit great! From my dress (which my husband loves on me, pictured left), to my tops (one pictured right), to the bathing suit, everything is stylish, a great fit and comfortable. I also love that Torrid carries name brand clothing like Baby Phat, Apple Bottom, Dereon and more. These items I can rarely find in other stores, but on Torrid online, I can order them up and they're on their way. If something doesn't fit me right, I can just bring it back to the store, easy! is a very user friendly website, which allows you to browse their collection however way you find easiest. Every item has a clear picture that shows you what their items look like, on a real and actual plus sized girl, no skinny models showing of clothing that you would wear. Torrid makes sure that their clothing is represented by those who would actually wear it.

They have a varied assortment of merchandise not only including apparel but also accessories, jewelry, lingerie, shoes and they also carry a new bridal line. Torrid also always has some great sales and clearance items to be found as well. All of their items are centered around various lifestyles of young women today, they strive to carry 50% of private label and 50% of well known fashion brands like I mentioned above.

Torrid has their website where you can order online in the comfort and privacy of your home, but they also have over 100+ stores nationwide, check out their store locater to find a store near you.


Katie said...


You are a lucky, lucky girl!


Heather said...

Great Review Lady! I love the stuff you got. Lucky Bum! <3

Leslie said...

What a GREAT review!! :)