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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What's Your Footprint?

Do you know your carbon and environmental footprint? What 'green' thing have you done today? Why not measure how green you are by finding out your carbon emissions and environmental impact (or your footprint), and determine just how green are you.

We measure so many things by using a scale so why not learn your GreenIQ score and find out where you stand on the green scale. GreenIQ can show you how daily eco decisions like recycling, saving water, shipping and buying locally grown food can make a difference when it comes to impacting the environment.

There are so many little things we can do to improve our environment, we just need to learn how to start doing them and then the rest will come easy to us. We want this wonderful, beautiful earth to be here and to be able to provide for our own children and the future of children to come. They should be able to cherish their plant just like we have, but we need to step up and take care of it not only for ourselves but for them as well.

Right now, just by taking the How green are you? quiz and finding out your 'footprint' in turn, will plant a tree. How great is that? Just take the short quiz, find out your "footprint" and a tree will be planted. It's that easy!

Go on, go take the How green are you? quiz today and get that tree planted.

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