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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Weekend Work.

So this weekend, we've decided to do the large clean up job in our yard.

In the very back of our yard, we have a lot of bushes/tree's etc that harbor a ton of bugs, and in the summer heat, a ton of mosquitoes. I just hate the way it looks back there as well, I never want the girls back there either as our neighbors behind us are well filthy and lazy and constantly are throwing garbage and junk behind their garage which faces our yard.

We have a privacy fence up around the sides of our backyard, however the people we bought the house from didn't clear the bush and tree's from the back, and therefore didn't finish the privacy fence, all that's back there is a small chain link.

So our first job, is to clear all the bush and tree's from the back, save up some money, and finish the privacy fence along the back yard. It's a big job, but it's getting done, and will be well worth it in the end.

We also have a lot of birds and squirrels in our yard, which I'm sure are not going to be happy about the new look, but oh well. There happens to be a particular squirrel around here that has just a nub for a tail. I've always wondered what happened to him, maybe a cat or dog got him and he was lucky and got away, but without a tail? Who knows.

Well Rodney found the mystery tail last night while back there. Not only was there a ton of beer bottles/cans, glass and just junk and garbage back there from my stupid neighbors behind me, but there was also a tail, a squirrels tail. SO GROSS! Lyric (we only showed her the picture I took) thought that it was hilarious that daddy found a squirrels tail, then came up with a million questions as to why the tail was there without the squirrel, what happens to a squirrel with no tail, is the squirrel going to die, etc. etc. etc.

I'll be sure to post "after" pic's of the whole ordeal once it's all finished. Now to get dressed and head outside to help out with the big project at hand.

1 comment:

Ana said...

YIKES a squirrel's tail! Now that that's a first. lol Hey but it's better than finding a mice's tail. My friend had mice so she got some traps. The mice were smarter than she thought. They managed to escape the traps, but their tails got catch in the traps, so they were left behind. Nice...