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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sunglasses for kids are necessary!!!

Today, we all know the dangers of UV Rays and the harmful effects they can have on our skin. Did you know that we also need to protect our eyes from the suns harmful UV rays as well?

Most adults wear sunglasses, but we need to protect our children's eyes as well. Frubi Shades helps us in protecting our children's precious eyes from those harmful UV rays.

Most people wonder, really, why does my child need sunglasses? A lot of people don't know that eyes can get sunburned too, its also uncomfortable squinting in the sun. Children's eyes are more sensitive then our own when it comes to UV rays, as we age our natural lens becomes more protective, but until then, children need to have their eyes protected as much as possible.

My own girls LOVE sunglasses, so it's not a problem to get them to wear them, the problem is, I've bought sunglasses for them in the past that they either end up loosing because they fall off, or they break them in 2 because they play with the ear pieces on them and they just snap. Frubi Shades has a great solution to that.

Not only are they cute and cool sunglasses that kids will actually want to wear and keep on, but they won't break in two, and will be fairly hard to loose as well. Frubi Shades are soft, spongy, affordable, comfort-fit sunglasses that kids can and will keep on. There are so many different designs to choose from, any kid would be happy with the pair they chose.

Both my girls love their Frubi Shades, every time they go outside now they want them on, which is great! And they stay on as well. I haven't had any more 'broken' sunglasses since we've been introduced to Frubi Shades.

Check out the video by Dr. Gary Hall, a leading Ophthalmologist who explains the benefits of Frubi Shades soft eye protection for children and why kids need to wear sunglasses all year long.

Frubi Shades also has a PROTECT THEIR EYES Campaign that is an important part to increase public awareness to protect children's eyes with sunglasses.

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