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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My dancing girl...

On Sunday we headed to the zoo (I'll post another blog with the pic's later). It was Cinco de Mayo day there, they had a lot of activities and performances going on that day.

One of the performances was some dancing. Lyric really wanted to go and check it out so we went. After one of the dances they called for people from the 'audience' to come out and learn some dance steps and dance with the girls/boys. Lyric immediately ran out there and joined in.

This kid has no stage fright or fear of anything, she went, all by herself, and was one of the first kids out there. She had a blast, she tried her hardest to dance the way they were all dancing it was just too cute.

Now she's been asking for a dress just like what the girls are wearing. We'll have to see if it's something that can be found or not and surprise her. I have a very dear friend in Mexico who's going to keep her eye out for me for something similar since she said they can be expensive.

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