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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lap-Band Surgery

Have you ever thought of getting Lap-Band Surgery? I know I have. I really could use it too. Not to say I'm a size 10 saying I need it, I'm not. I'm a plus sized girl who could use the help, diet and exercise just haven't worked for me. Sure I could try harder, sure some people can say its the easy way out, but I don't care, if it works, bring it on. I only wish I had insurance to see if they would even cover it.

One doctor, Dr. Richard Collier is a Lap-Band Surgery Specialist who provides a comprehensive Lap-Band weight loss surgery program, this program is an alternative to the more invasive Gastric Bypass Surgery. He runs the program in the areas of The Woodlands, Conroe, Huston, Kingwood and Spring, Texas areas. Dr. Rickard Collier's premier weight loss program combines his well respected 30 year level of surgical experience with a highly-praised after care team program approach for patients following their surgery.

His program is very popular and you can view dates for his free seminars on his website lap-band houston and discover how lap-band can help you improve your life.

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