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Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Kid In You....

This photo is for a photo contest brought to you by 5 Minutes for Mom

"Into Makeup"

This is what happens when you leave children unsupervised upstairs playing in their room.
Play makeup! What a sight, they believed they were "Sooooooo Preeetttyyyy"

It had to make me laugh, remembering the days where the kid in you thought the MORE makeup, the better you looked. Hopefully the trend doesn't continue.

4 comments: said...

That is bloody cute!n I can't wait for my little girl to be excited about makeup!

Tammy said...

Hilarious!! Little girls just know how to put the makeup on so perfectly!

Andrea McMann said...

Found you at 5 Minutes for Mom! How cute! Make sure you keep the scissors up, or she'll give herself a "haircut!" (Ask me how I learned gleaned that pearl of wisdom!)

I love the photo collage!

Ana said...

Way too cute! Hoping you make it to the finale.