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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I WON!!!

Woohoo, I've been on a lucky streak lately. I've won a few items.

My first and favorite and most cherished thing that I've won lately, was from Fashion Fling blog. They had a giveaway called Presenting MTV's Fresh Takes and Giveaway at Fashion Fling, the giveaway included items seen and worn by Alicia Keys in the Dove/MTV Fresh Takes shows that ran between The Hill's episodes.

I am a HUGE Alicia Keys fan, she's one of my favorite artists and I just love her to death so I had to enter this contest. Low and behold I WON!! I was so excited and didn't expect to win at all. What I won was: a pair of these great boots, gold star necklace, and other jewelry (bracelet, necklace and earrings) as seen and worn by Alicia Keys in the Fresh Takes episodes - Just Chillax and Dating by Committee.

The boots and jewelry are GREAT... And the boots fit too WOOHOO, they're a little big but I can work with them ;) Also, as a surprise, which I am so thankful for came an autographed promo pic of Alicia Keys, as well as 2 Dove Deodorant sticks, and 4 dove body sprays, they smell WONDERFUL!!

I also had awaiting in my email another 'giveaway' notice that I had won from Kids Health Notes blog. They were giving away 15 Only Hearts Club dolls. So I entered this as well, and WON! AGAIN! I am never this lucky. So I am awaiting my Only Hearts Club doll for the girls, which I think they will LOVE when it gets here.

Next I was informed via email yesterday, that I had won a prize from the Mother's Day Blog Bash on Notes From My Nest. I have won a $20 gift certificate to My Pink Zebra Boutique.

How exciting to have won all these great prizes, I hope to win more, YES I AM GREEDY lmao. I love winning things, and the girls love it too, especially when it's for them.

So thanks to all the blogs out there who do these great giveaways and give us all a chance to smile for a while once we've learned that we've won something great!!!


Ana said...

Woo Hoo! How nice is that! Now come over to my blog and sprinkle some of that good luck so I can win a lil something-something. lol

Kristin said...