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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Give into your cravings....

Why not give into those chocolate cravings? Have something that will comfort you, give into indulgence, rejuvenate yourself, have it sooth you, or even make yourself feel sexy. Those are just some of the great experiences you can have with NEWTREE chocolate.

NEWTREE is a Belgian chcolate that is about quality, being unique, playful and combining a medley of flavors to tempt your mood. They offer 2 varieties of chocolate both milk and dark.

NEWTREE's team of chocolatiers and nutritionists combine science with the art and romance of chocolate making and make the result an irresistible delicious chocolate that waits for your enjoyment.

Creating chocolates such as the ones I got to try is not an easy task. Pleasure, which tempts your Indulgence is a dark chocolate (73% cocoa) which includes rich minerals, vitamins and fiber, or maybe you'd like Sexy to energize yourself, which is a dark chocolate with a hint of ginger taste, includes guarana extract and gives you that seductive treat you crave. You might also like the milk chocolate lines of Tranquility which can help sooth yourself, has a light infusion of lavender and lime blossom and can take your stress away. There's also Crave, which is a milk chocolate flavored with apricot and includes soy germ extracts that can help balance the hectic days that us women have.

NEWTREE has so many more flavors that can be discovered in both their dark chocolate and milk chocolate flavors, even Oprah is a fan of this great line of Belgin Chocolate as they've been featured in her O List in Oprah Magazine's April Issue.

So why not try some chocolate to benefit your moods, curb the craving while relishing in the Pleasure, Tranquility or the Renewing effects of NEWTREE chocolates and give yourself some Forgiveness when it comes to indulging.


Kristin said...


Petula Wright said...

One of my bestest friends ordered some of this for me AND it is devine! I was IMing him and sent him a link after I saw it on the O List. It's no secret that my favorite food is chocolate... well, he surprised me with four bag of the mini ones! Oh so yummy. My fav is the dark chocolate with coffee and the one with cherry. And I absolutely love the names.