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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Web Browser for Kids

Right now one of Lyric's favorite things to do is get on the internet. She doesn't really do much, gets on Noggin, Nick Jr., Starfall, and a few other site. We're always around, considering she's only 4 years old there isn't too much she can get into.

But, we do have a desktop upstairs that she does like to go play on when me and Rodney are on our laptops and she can't use them. For times like that when she's alone, we love for her to be able to 'browse' on her own.

We found KidRocket. Its a safe web browser for kids. It's free, and safe, and protects your child and your computer from clicking on things that shouldn't be clicked on.

With KidRocket, you just download it and install it on your computer, load it up when your little one wants to go online, and it only allows them to go to SAFE websites such as:
  • KidRocket - KidSafe Version
  • PBS Kids -
  • Hotwheels -
  • Crayola -
  • Cartoon Network -
  • Starfall -
  • Sesame Street -
  • Nickelodeon -
  • TVOKids -
  • SFS Kids -
  • BBC Cbeebies -
  • Barbie -
  • Disney -
There are also a few more, but they are all SAFE KID APPROVED SITES! The browsing is VERY easy as well, just an arrow to go to the next page, and a go button that makes it quite easy for a 4 year old to understand. We love it, and Lyric loves it because it gives her a little sense of independence to be on the computer by herself, while being safe.

I just wanted to pass this on to other 'moms' and 'dads' out there who have kids like mine who are young and love to play games on the computer, this is a great option to have on your computer at home.

1 comment:

Leslie said...

What a great idea!! I think this is awesome. I'll have to remember it when Haylee gets older.