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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Skin MD Natural

Skin MD Natural. Ever heard of it? I know I never have, not a product I’ve ever seen in any of my stores, but maybe its something that should be seen in the stores I shop at, actually after looking on their website, I was surprised to see that yes, this is something that is carried in our local Walgreens. Interesting!

I was lucky enough to get a sample of Skin MD Natural to review. Before I even got the product I headed over to the Skin MD Natural website to see what they were all about. After reading the great reviews and testimonies and reviewing some of their own videos about it, I was eager to try this new lotion. Well scratch that, Skin MD Natural is more than a lotion, it’s a shielding lotion.

What is a Shielding Lotion you ask?

"Shielding lotion is a lotion that forms a protective barrier on the skin and keeps out irritants and chemicals. It also allows the natural oils and moisture to remain in the skin so it can heal better. It is a big advantage that shielding lotions are light and go on without a greasy mess," says Dr. Brian Zogg, a dermatologist in Albert Lea, MN.

Winter is over now, so my skin is not as dry, but my face always seems to be dry, so I couldn’t wait to try this product out. Another good coincidence is that my mom was visiting for the weekend when I received Skin MD Natural in the mail. Great! My mom suffers from eczema so she was the perfect person to also try this out on.

After a few days of using the lotion, my mom said her skin was not nearly as itchy and we noticed that her excema was starting to clear up a bit as well. She said her hands were nice and soft. Her only complaint was that she did need to reapply the lotion every few hours as it did seem to wear off some. Her being around here with 2 kids and washing her hands lots seemed to do that, nothing I wouldn’t expect any product to do. Overall she was very impressed and is now looking into getting some for herself.

As for me, a few days later after forgetting that Skin MD Natural can too be used on not only for your hands, it can be used for your face and your entire body.

I started using it both in the morning and at night on my face, when I woke up, and before I went to bed. The lotion wasn’t heavy, not greasy and didn’t have a harsh odor to it either. I also love the fact that it’s a natural product, as my skin is very sensitive I try to keep with all natural ingredients and hypoallergenic products.

Skin MD Natural is:
• No animal products or testing
• Dermatology tested
• Fragrance and colorant free
• Hypoallergenic
• Paraben free
• Non-comedogenic

Skin MD Natural was a life saver for my dry face. After a day of using it both night and day, the dry patch just by my nose on my face was almost gone, my face felt so smooth and soft. I am just loving this product and will continue to recommend it to people for something to use for dry skin.

You can check out more about Skin MD Natural on their website:

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