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Monday, April 14, 2008

Manic Monday

Manic Monday

Manic Monday for April 14, 2007

Is there anything for which you would willingly give your life?: I'd give my life for my daughters, no questions asked.

How would you communicate with someone if you didn't share a common language?: Hmm, that's a good question, maybe by drawings, or trying to communicate in their language using a dictionary lol

Where is your ideal place/location to have a wedding?: Outdoors, which is where we had ours, but my ideal place would probably be to do it over again back in Canada. Outdoors again, and then the reception in a nice, fancy, big reception hall ;)


Gabriel said...

Great post today; I would totally give my life for my wife and kids too.

Gina, you're Canadian and you love music and WWE. You're the closest to perfection I've found so far! :-)

I love WWE mainly for two reasons: the athleticism of some performers like Benjamin, London or Akio - Jimmy Wang Yang, and the comedy bits. To have two 300-pound guys stare at each other and have dialogs like:

"You suck"
"No, YOU suck"
"Oh, let's go all the way there to the ring and see who sucks then"

just makes my day. I'm so watching RAW tonight... :-)

Gabriel said...

By the way... in case you're interested:

My post

Have a happy Manic Monday!

Simply Shannon said...

Kids make the world a better place :)

There isn't really anything wrong with big weddings...I just don't like crowds.

Serena said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Outdoor weddings sound good if the weather permits.