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Thursday, April 17, 2008

3x Thursday!!!

3x Thursday!!!

1. Now that the cost of breathing has started costing us money, what are you doing these days to make your buck go a little farther? If you aren't doing anything, why not? We're not doing that much really, we were broke to begin with. I work with more of a 'budget' when grocery shopping now where as before it was just get whatever and whatever the price came to that's what it was. Gas isn't much of a worry for us because my hubby gets reimbursed for work, so it's no big deal, gas is just a write off.

2. What about the ever-rising price of gas? Are you doing anything about that problem, and it affecting your pocketbook? What are your thoughts about it? Gas prices are CRAZY. I'm so glad that I don't drive and we only have 1 car. And as crappy as Rodney's job is, thank goodness that he gets reimbursed for his gas, he drives so much for work that it was killing us when he wasn't, he can easily use $200 in gas a week. Thankfully work just gives us that money back now.

3. What do you think the next year or two (or more) holds for us economically, as a nation? I think its going to be a disaster. It seems like more and more people are living paycheck to paycheck and even that isn't helping live a decent life sometimes. Something needs to change and drastically.

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