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Thursday, April 3, 2008

3x Thursday!!!

3x Thursday's Questions this week:

3x Thursday: 04/03y2k+8: Time's Makin' Changes

1. As you've gotten older, have you noticed changes in how your body works? If yes, how so?

For sure!! My body doesn't seem to handle a lot of things the same way anymore, food/alcohol etc. It also doesn't like to have the same metabolism as I did when I was younger either, that is a major bummer! I think as you get older your metabolism should work better ;)

2. As time has gone by, do you find your music tastes have changed? If yes, how so?

Not really. I listen to more pop now than I used to, but I still listen to hip hop/R&B and Reggae like I always have. I still hate rock/country ect ect.

3. Do you look forward to getting older? Why/why not?

NO NO NO NO!! I refuse to even celebrate my birthday this year as it will be my 30th. I hate getting older, I don't feel like i'm this old at all. I want to be young forever, I want to be around forever, I want to have a young body forever. It would be nice to CONSTANTLY be able to keep up with the kids no matter what age they are.

1 comment:

Simply Shannon said...

Great answer for #3!

I want to be around forever also, even though I know I won't be. I would love to see my great-great-great grandchildren.