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Thursday, April 10, 2008

350 Entrecard credits!

Mommy Daddy Blog

Last week I entered a contest on Mommy Daddy Blog. They were giving away 1,500 Entrecard credits. There were 2 ways to gain entries in the contests, by commenting on the giveaway and adding them to your favorite on Entrecard. I did both and gained 2 entries.

I go to check out my email today and notice that I have been awarded 350 Entrecard credits :D I new immediately it must have been from Mommy Daddy Blog. What a fun thing to wake up to!!!

Thanks Mommy Daddy Blog!

They also have another giveaway going on right now for a crocheted sunflower infant hat! Hurry over and enter, as it ends at 5:00PM CST today!

Mommy Daddy Blog is a great blog and has been one of my favorites lately, check them out!

In their about them section they describe themselves as follows:

"We are Jr. High Sweethearts expecting our first child. Here we will blog about our experience as first time parents and we will review products that we find useful for families.

Mommy plans on being a semi-”crunchy” mama. She will breastfeed, cloth diaper, and wear Jayden."

Mommy Daddy Blog!

1 comment:

Greg @ Mommy Daddy Blog said...

Thank you for entering our giveaway and congratulations on winning!

By the way, I'm also a WWE addict. Welcome to the club!