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Sunday, March 30, 2008

What A Night!!!

What a great Wrestlemania....... Not every match ended as I had thought, or hoped, but it was a great show none the less.

First of all, let me say........ The 24 Man Battle Royal..... The winner of this match would get a chance tonight to go up against Chavo for the ECW Championship. What a quick match....My pick was for Elijah Burke. Now Elijah, he has some explaining to do to me lol first of all, he's gone and changed his 'logo' on his shorts, and gone and changed his colors again. E, how the heck am I supposed to keep your myspace page kickin if you keep changing things without my knowledge lol......
Anyways, Elijah was eliminated 3rd by Kane.....
And well, Kane won the entire match and went on to face Chavo for the ECW championship later that night, the match lasted, oh about 3 minutes, if that, with Kane defeating Chavo.

The matches went as follows:

Now my 2 cents, I am NOT happy with a few of the outcomes. I really wanted to see someone beat the Undertaker. He's now 16-0. I really thought Edge would be the one to do it, unfortunately not.

Money In the Bank Ladder Match, now I understand a bunch of changes probably had to be made, as it was quite apparent that Jeff Hardy probably would have won this match if he had not been suspended. But, CM PUNK????? COME ON NOW!!!!! I am not impressed at all, think of all the other guys who have worked their butts off for this chance, who deserve it way more than CM PUNK, myself, and I'm sure a lot of other fans, are just plain SICK of CM Punk by now.

The match that surprised me the most was the triple threat match. John Cena, Randy Orton and Triple H. I was dead set positive that Triple H would be winning this match, but, we were surprised as Orton pinned Cena to retain the belt. Surprise Surprise.

Now, to the most important match of the night, in my opinion........

Tonight was a major night in wrestling history, it was the end of the Flair era. It was a heartbreaking night for a lot of fans and wrestlers alike. I'm sure everyone who is a die hard wrestling fan shed some tears.

We all knew it was coming, Ric was inducted into the Hall of Fame last night, this was a career threatening match, who better to 'pass the torch to' other than someone who was a life long fan themselves and 'mirrored' themselves almost after you.

Shawn Michaels had probably one of the hardest matches tonight. He defeated and ended Ric Flairs wrestling in ring career. It was a great match, the tear jerking moment, that even put myself into tears, was seeing Shawn Michaels in the ring, in the corner, getting ready to do Sweet Chin Music on Flair, head down, and you could see the tears in his eyes, he looked up, as Ric Flair was getting up from the ring, Ric motioned him to "come on with it"with tears in his own eyes, Shawn Michaels mouthed "I'm sorry, I Love you".

HEART BREAKING!!!!!!!! Even thinking about it, the chills are still there the emotion is still there, it was a sad day in the business, but we all thank Ric Flair for everything he's ever done for this business, for the shows he's put on for us the fans, for never letting us down.

We Love You Ric Flair!!!!! and Thank You!

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