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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Review Guidelines

Are you a new business looking to get the word out about your products? Maybe you’re a company who’s been in the game a little longer and have products that you think my readers would love and are looking for new and fresh ways to advertise. No matter what your situation I’d love to help promote your business and products by having you sponsor a review and/or giveaway or by advertising with Just Because I'm A Mom!

Just Because I'm A Mom provides new content to readers daily, has regular promotions, features and giveaways, why not connect with a place that can get your product, service or event viewed by thousands of people?!

Product Reviews: Readers come to me looking for my personal experience with products, and look for honest, open reviews which I love to provide. In order to have your product, company or event featured on Just Because I'm A Mom at least one sample is required to do a review. Samples are non-returnable which ensures that the product can be reviewed honestly. In exchange a full post including photos and links will be provided. If a sample is provided there is no charge for a review.

Posts are not only shared on Just Because I'm A Mom but are also shared via Twitter, on my personal Facebook Page, my other blog A Wrestling Addicted Mommy and my Facebook Fan Page, as well as numerous other social media and bookmarking sites.

Giveaways: I’d be happy to provide a giveaway to be included in my review. Giveaways are a great way to add traffic to your website and advertise other items on your site as well. It gives readers the chance to explore your site and become familiar with your website rather than just your products. Giveaways that are posted alongside a review are free of charge.

Stand Alone giveaways without a product review are done at my discretion and can be subject to an administrative fee, for details please contact me at the below email.

All giveaway prizes must be shipped directly from you to the winner once they have been selected.

Press Releases and Articles: For a nominal fee I’d be happy to post articles, press releases or have guest posts on A Wrestling Addicted Mommy. Posts will include links and photographs which are to be provided by you. These will also be advertised via social media sites and bookmarks.

Advertising: If interested in advertising on Just Because I'm A Mom.... please contact me directly for various forms of advertisements available. Twitter advertising is also available. **Advertising rates may vary**

Email: JustBecauseImAMom(at)
Twitter: JustCauseImAMom

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