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Thursday, October 21, 2010

There's an important day coming up....

November 4th….

Do you know what November 4th is? No it's not National acne solutions day.... It's a day i'm sure you'll actually be excited about (and excited in many different ways I’m sure if you choose to celebrate) that November 4th is National Sex Toy Day!!!

Hello!!! I know I’ll be celebrating with my new toy!! Will you?

National Sex Toy day is actually a day dedicated to educating people and get them talking about sex toys and how they can or have changed their sex lives. It’s time to remote the taboo around the subject of sex and sex toys and let people know exactly how great they can be and how they can enhance your sex life.

A really exciting thing going on for National Sex Toy Day is that will be giving away 1,000 Waterproof Pocket Rockets… Yes, GIVING AWAY, which means FREE you don’t even have to pay for shipping or anything else….

How can you get your free Waterproof Pocket Rocket? Just visit and enter your address and you’ll be discreetly shipped out your new sex toy to celebrate the day yourself… No strings attached! simply wants to get people talking about sex toys, and trying them out to see what they’re missing and what they can add to their sex lives…

So what are you waiting for? Well besides November 4th? Visit for more information!

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